Creating thoughtful and intentional spaces, one room at a time.

As Interior Stylists and Designers, we can help you create your dream home even without extensive renovation. Interior styling is not just all about styling a single room - it's about elevating the entire experience of the space, and inspiring the people in it.

  • Full-Suite Interior Design & Interior Styling (ID + IS)

    For the ones looking to renovate their homes, from start to end. From material selections to design to management of your project, we've got you covered.

  • Interior Styling service (IS only)

    For the ones looking to just style their homes without any extensive renovation works. Not sure how to style your place? We can style your home in less than a day. (This service can include minor renovation works if required.)

  • Interior Design service (ID only)

    Our newest addition to our services, the ID-only service provides you extensive design planning for your house, from floor plan to designs and everything you need in a home. We also provide e-design services for clients who prefer to work at their own pace.

New in - Vol 02: Here for a good time

Roomable Studios presents you a delightfully curated collection of art, furnishings and decor for your home by Roomable. We do the sourcing, so you don't have to.